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The Windows and Palm versions of our LaptopDyno™ and PDA-Dyno™ are equipped with many unique and user friendly features.

Product Advantages

Support for all 1996 and newer vehicles incl. Domestic, Japanese, Korean, and European cars.

Support for CAN, VPW, PWM, ISO, and KWP 2000 protocols. 

Rugged mechanical design with molded OBD II cable.

"Plug-and-play" operation. Automatically detects the correct vehicle protocol. 

Supports all generic OBD II sensors and readiness monitors. 

Easy-to-use software user interface. 

Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from the vehicle's memory. 

Turn off the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light on the dash. 

Display the diagnostic trouble code description. Thousands of code descriptions for all makes and model vehicles included. 

DTC Search application interactively searches thought the DTC descriptions without connecting to a vehicle. 

Display the vehicle freeze frame (a list of all sensor values at the time the Check Engine light illuminated).

Demonstration mode allows learning about the software without connecting to a vehicle. 

Log live sensor data using the Record/Playback feature. Save data from the race track or a run around the block. 

Export recorded data into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel. 

Vehicle make, year, date, time, VIN, and an optional text note are stored in the data log files. 

Set the playback start position within a recorded file to the beginning, end, or anywhere in between.  

Playback progress monitor indicates the file position during playback.

Multi-page graph trace buffer allows scrolling through a large amount of data. 

Zoom in/out and pan up/down/right/left on both the x and y-axis's. 

Movable graph markers find exact data points within the graph.

Find the precise data value on any point within the graph using the graph marker. 

Bar graph shows each sensor measurement in relation to the absolute minimum and maximum sensor value.

Independently adjustable sensor sampling frequency: high, medium, and low. 

English and Metric units of measure supported. 

Target a specific vehicle computer and obtain sensor measurements from only that computer module. 

Temporarily suspend live data using the Hold feature. 

Oxygen sensor screen shows the vehicle's O2 sensor measurement test values. 

Fast Sampling feature increases the sampling speed of the scan tool. 

General Information screen continually updates all vehicle readiness monitor tests.

Horsepower and torque measurements. 

0-60 time, 1/8 and 1/4 mile time and speed, MPG, and top speed.

Automatic computation of dyno statistics (peak horsepower/torque and top speed).

Compute vehicle tire diameters. 

Measure vehicle overall gear ratio (transmission and axle).

Vehicle statistics manual with over 100 vehicle stats, such as weigh, drag coefficient, and frontal area.

Excellent electronic user manual. 

Extensive online help throughout the software.

30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on the hardware.

Free technical support provided.

Windows Specific Advantages

Support for Windows 98 and higher desktop and notebook PCs.

Highly customizable user interface with windows and toolbars that dock/float/hide.

Customizable font size, color, and style. 

Look-and-feel support for Windows themes.

Simultaneously monitor an unlimited number vehicle sensors.

Import data from the PDA-Dyno product.

Absolute minimum and maximum sensor value tracking.

Auto-save last user settings when the application exits.

Palm Specific Advantages

Supports most Palm OS 3.0 and higher devices.

Support for two different types of graphing screens: one large graph or a two graph split screen.

List screen allows viewing 5 sensors simultaneously. 

Large LED-style numbers allows easy viewing of 2 sensors at a distance. 

Disable the Palm auto-off timer to record/view data over long periods of time. Battery power conserved by re-enabling auto-off upon loss of communication.

Separate DTC description databases for each manufacturer saves Palm storage by installing only the modules you use, or install them all.

Support for color and black-and-white screens.

Comprehensive data logging file management: create, delete, and edit files right on the Palm. 

Macintosh and PC compatible CD-ROM. 

Technical support provided.

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