ProFire™ for Motorcycles::
Buy Now! ProFire coils for motorcycles are the smallest coils available. Despite their size, the energy output and available voltage are extremely high. ProFire coils are available with single or dual high tension towers for inductive or CD ignition system.

45,000 Volts
3 Ohm, 0.6 Ohm and 0.3 Ohm.
For application recommendations regarding your motorcycle, please call. .


Triumph owners listen up!
Tired of low ignition power, or burned out OE ignition coils? Hard starting and a rough running engine?  Easy fix - Replace the ignition coils!

ProFire coils are a plug and play direct fit replacement for most Triumph motorcycles.


Dirt-bike, Snowmobile, Watercraft owners listen up!
Tired of hard starting engines, or oil-fouled spark plugs? Unleash the power of your engines with ProFire ignition coils.

The 0.3 Ohm Omnitek ProFire ignition coil is setting the standard for all other powersport coils. Don't settle for imitators!


Custom Harley-Davidson® builders listen up!
ProFire coils for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are so small, you can hide them anywhere. And if you've been holding off converting your Harley to single-fire because the two coils needed take up too much space and are to heavy! Wait no more! Two ProFire coils are about as big as one standard coil.

Which coil fits your Harley-Davidson®:
Here is a list of the popular ignitions and their ohms resistance requirements:
Description Harley Ignitions ProFire #
Original equipment points ignition - 5.0 ohm NA 
85-’99 Evolution ® O.E. electronic - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D
’Screamin’ Eagle ® Evo modules - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D
Dyna ‘S’ ignition (street use) - 5.0 ohm
Dyna ‘S’ ignition (race use) - 3.0 ohm
Dyna 2000, 2000i - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D
Dyna 4000 (race only) - 0.7 ohm PFC-06D
Crane HI-4, HI-4E ignitions - 3.0 ohm PFC-30S
Crane HI-4TC ignition - Less than 1.0 ohm PFC-06D
V-Thunder Controller & HyperFyre - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D
Spyke Ignition adjustable - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D
Compu-Fire ignitions - 3.0 ohm NA
Compu-Fire Elite-1 ignitions - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D
RevTech Digital module - 3.0 ohm PFC-30D

If you're not using ProFire, you're not going as fast as you could be.

 Also perfect for racing personal watercrafts and snowmobiles.

Available in 0.3 Ohm, 0.6 Ohm and 2.4 Ohm. (for certain 3 Ohm Systems)
Part # Description
152 001 130 ProFire PFC-03S (0.3 Ohm) single high tension tower for 2-Stroke Bikes (CD Ignition)
152 001 060
ProFire PFC-06S (0.6 Ohm) single high tension tower for Current Limited Electronic Ignition
152 001 140 ProFire PFC-03D (0.3 Ohm) dual high tension towers, for 2-Stroke Bikes (CD Ignition)
152 001 070
ProFire PFC-06D (0.6 Ohm) dual high tension towers for Current Limited Electronic Ignitions
152 051 300
ProFire PFC-30S (3.0 Ohm Systems) single high tension tower  (Electronic Ignition - 2.4 Ohm Actual)
152 051 350
ProFire PFC-30D (3.0 Ohm Systems) dual high tension tower  (Electronic Ignition - 2.4 Ohm Actual)
152 001 060T
Triumph Motorcycles
ProFire Ignition Coil Single Outlet

America, Speedmaster, Scrambler 900
(need 2 coils per bike)

Trophy 900 (need 3 coils per bike)
152 001 070T
Triumph Motorcycles
ProFire Ignition Coil Dual Outlet

Bonneville, Bonneville T-100, Thruxton 900,
(need 1 coils per bike)

Daytona 1200, Trophy 1200
(need 2 coils).


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