Details on PowerCore™:
Trying to upgrade an ignition system can be confusing and expensive. Every coil and ignition system manufacturer claims that their products are the best and will give the biggest performance increase. Nology is no exception. But there is one important difference: Nology's PowerCore ignition coil amplifier really delivers, and because no additional electronic control unit or high performance ignition coil is necessary, it is the most economical way to step up the power of any electronic or points inductive ignition system. The PowerCore ignition coil amplifier is so effective, simply connecting PowerCore to the primary side of the ignition coil increases ignition coil energy output and available spark voltage by up to 50%, without adversely effecting the coil's rpm limit.

Most performance and racing ignition coils increase only the theoretically available spark voltage or spark energy and sometimes only the coil's rpm limit, never all three. However, increasing a coil's theoretically available spark voltage can actually hurt performance. A coil designed to generate a high theoretically available spark voltage is generally very "slow", consequently, a high voltage ignition coil typically is not a high rpm coil. To generate a high secondary voltage, coil saturation time has to be increased, but since a longer saturation time is not available, considering the rpm modern engines rev and the fact that when not fully saturated a coil operates outside the range where most efficient, available spark voltage can actually be lower. Racing coils are designed to work with the short saturation time available at high engine rpm. That's why most high rpm racing coils feature a lower theoretically available spark voltage. This trade-off is accepted, because it is more important that a competition coil is capable of generating a spark at high engine speeds, even if such a spark is weak, than a more powerful spark, that could only be generated up-to a much lower rpm range.

In contrast, Nology's PowerCore ignition coil amplifier always increases available spark voltage, spark energy and the rpm limit of the ignition coil. This never before available technology is truly revolutionary. By perfectly matching the inductance, oscillation frequency, resistance and magnetic field density of the PowerCore to the ignition coil, the efficiency of the ignition coil is increased tremendously. Coil rise and saturation time is much shorter. This raises the coil's rpm limit substantially. Even though the saturation time is shorter, the theoretically available spark voltage is much higher as a result of the coil's much increased primary voltage. The higher primary energy supplied by the PowerCore coil amplifier also increases the secondary energy (spark energy) considerably. This hotter, more powerful spark ignites every fuel/air mixture much quicker, more reliably and more efficiently. Therefore increasing horsepower and torque, whereas fuel consumption and emissions are decreased. PowerCore is absolutely essential for high compression, and/or high revving engines, and all lean-burn applications. For maximum horsepower and high rpm reliability, use PowerCore.

Capture from Fluke scope PM3394
TimeBase: 50 s/div.
Vertical scale: 50 Volts/div.

This graph shows the actual before and after voltage over time. The lower curve shows voltage of a stock inductive system and the higher curve shows the same system with PowerCore connected.

Peak voltage has increased 60% from 167 V to 268 V! Similar increase can be measured for primary and secondary current!


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